Tips For Using A Junk Removal Service To Clear Out Your Garage

Unwanted junk is hard to get rid of, especially if you let it pile up. It's easier to give away things one at a time or haul a piece at a time to the dump, but when you have a garage full of odds and ends, the best solution is to hire a junk removal company.

Don't waste time trying to sort, sell, and haul things yourself or you may never get your garage cleared. Of course, you'll want to save anything that's valuable, but you can let a junk removal company haul away the things you don't want. Here are some tips. 

Find Out How The Service Works

Some junk removal companies help you by carrying things to their truck or trailer. Others might drop off a trailer and pick it up later after you've filled it. You'll want to get the services you need in case you're not able to handle heavy furniture yourself.

Ask About The Cost

Companies may vary the way they charge for junk removal. If they leave the dumpster for the day, there may be a flat rate. If they help you clean out your garage and carry things to their truck, they might charge you by the hour in addition to fees for using the truck and landfill. You should get the price upfront so you know how much you'll have to pay before starting.

Know What The Junk Removal Service Takes

A junk removal service can probably take nearly all the junk you have to get rid of. However, if you're clearing out your garage, there could be things like paint or gas stored in there. The junk service might not take anything that could contaminate the landfill or start a fire. That might even include things like old computers.

If you know you can't put something in your trash for the city to pick up, you probably can't get rid of it by throwing it in a dumpster. Instead, you'll need to call your city and ask where their collection sites are for things you can't throw away.

Consider Organizing Your Junk Ahead Of Time

If you're not able to do any cleaning, organizing, or moving around of your things, a junk removal company can probably do it all. However, if you need to save money, you may want to organize your junk so everything is in one place and ready for them to haul to the truck.

If you're paying by the hour, this could cut costs quite a bit. However, you may still need to pay a minimum fee. You might even get rid of as much clutter as you can in your regular trash bin and save the junk removal service for large and heavy items you can't get rid of yourself.

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