Removing Junk From Your Residential Property Quickly And Efficiently

Over the years, things can pile up on your property that you may no longer need. Getting rid of these items is sometimes challenging because it means finding a place to take them and having a way to haul them off. When you need to remove large, bulky items or a significant amount of junk, a residential junk removal service can help.

Defining Junk

Junk can be many things, from scrap metal to old wood or other materials laying around the property. Typically, residential junk removal services do not haul trash but will take items like old washers or appliances, an old swing set that is in disrepair, or old furnishings that are broken or damaged badly. 

Each service is different, so you need to talk to them to determine what they define as junk and are willing to haul away for you. If you are dealing with trash, there are services that can help, but they typically are trash removal companies that don't deal with other materials.

Removal Service Types

When hiring a residential junk removal service, you can often opt for curbside service, which means the junk hauler will come and pick up the items from the curb or driveway without doing any other work for you. You will be responsible for getting the materials to the curb for them to pick up, which can save you money and get the junk out of the yard. 

The second common option includes some additional work, like taking apart an old swing set and hauling it away or tearing down a shed that is rotting and removing the wood and other materials. This additional work comes at a cost, but in some situations, it is the best solution. 

The cost of this additional work can vary depending on what is required and the number of people necessary to complete the work. The residential junk removal service can work with you to determine the most affordable method of removing items from the property and ensure the work is complete when they leave. 

Container Service

Some residential junk removal services also offer container services that involve them dropping off a container for your to fill with items as time allows. When the container is full, the service will come back and retrieve it, haul the junk away, and bill you based on the weight of the container when they remove it. 

Container service can be an excellent option and save you money in the long run, but it does require you to take the time to clean up the property and fill the container yourself. If your time is limited, or you are physically unable to do the work, this option may not work for you.

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