4 Dumpster Rental Tips

Dumpster rental services provide proper waste disposal in accordance with waste management laws. You will have peace of mind knowing your home or business is clean and isn't at risk of lawsuits. Poor waste disposal can expose you to accidents like tripping or toxic gases that can trigger respiratory complications. Therefore, you need professionals to help enhance your property's safety.

Here are essential dumpster rental tips you should know.

Find a Suitable Space

After renting a dumpster, you need to find a suitable spot for placing it. First, you should compare the dumpster size with your available space. You may not have enough room for your dumpster if you live in the city. So, you can opt for a smaller bin you can switch out when it fills up. Also, ensure the dumpster has an even, sturdy base to sit on, so it doesn't tip over, creating a mess. 

Concrete surfaces work well. On the other hand, placing the dumpster unit on the ground can kill your grass, leaving ugly marks. Moreover, you should look for an area close to the worksite or door for easy access. However, ensure the bin isn't on the way as people may bump into it, especially children.

Find the Right Service

If you have a one-time project like a home renovation or an event, you should choose temporary dumpster services. However, if you need garbage bins for your home or business, you need permanent dumpster services. You should talk to your garbage collection company about your preferred schedule. For example, a weekly collection is ideal for most homes and businesses. 

While the biweekly and monthly collection will be cheaper, your dumpster may fill up excessively, leading to foul smells.

Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right dumpster rental will depend on how much trash your produce, the type of waste you are dealing with, and where you place the bin. Renting a garbage bin that's too small means you will have to pay more for frequent collection. Conversely, choosing a bigger unit beyond your needs is a waste of money.

A roll-off dumpster will be an excellent choice if you are dealing with large items that occupy a lot of space, such as electrical appliances, damaged furniture, and broken tree branches. Typical bins may not accommodate such garbage. Moreover, ensure your dumpster can fit your driveway, and it shouldn't also be too heavy as it can damage the sidewalks, lawns, gardens, and asphalt pavement.

Clean Up the Ground Immediately

You should clean up the ground immediately after your dumpster is emptied. The left-over trash can stain your driveway, leaving ugly spots. The waste may also contain small, sharp objects that can injure your family or damage your car tires. 

For more information about dumpster rentals, contact a local company.