How To Handle The Different Types Of Yard Waste

From mowing the grass to trimming shrubs, taking good care of your landscape can result in a lot of waste. This waste material is a little different than your usual trash, so it has to be handled in a different way than what you normally throw away. 

Grass Clippings - If you have a grass catcher or rake your lawn after it is mowed, you are left with a whole bunch of chopped up grass pieces to deal with. This yard waste tends to be almost completely organic, so you do have a few choices. You can add the grass clippings to your compost pile or spread them over an area of the lawn that needs a little boost because as the grass decays, it produces natural fertilizing agents. 

Branches - Branches from the trees in your yard can be a little harder to contend with. You could always collect the branches and burn them in a fire pit if you have one, but if you don't, you will have to prepare the materials for waste collection. Break down the branches into smaller pieces with your hands or a small saw and place them in a trash receptacle. Some garbage removal companies will collect the natural branches as long as they are broken down and in a container for pickup. 

Filler Materials - Maybe you have just replaced your old lava rock or mulch, so you need a way to dispose of the old filler material you scooped out of the way first. You can usually dispose of landscape materials in large waste bags and toss them, especially mulch and lighter weight stuff. However, if you are eliminating aggregate from your landscape, the materials may have to be taken to a recycling center that handles aggregate waste. If the stone is natural, you can oftentimes return it to a creek or pond. 

Soil - If you have some landscaping projects done that involve digging holes or a pool installed, you have to find a way to get rid of the soil that is pulled from the ground during the project. In most cases, dirt can be moved from one area of your property to another and spread out. If this isn't possible, advertise that you have soil available for free pickup. Homeowners are often looking for filler dirt for their own properties and will gladly take it off your hands. 

Contact a waste removal service for more help.