Think Office Clutter And Debris Is Related To Employee Illnesses? Dump And Clean Now

If you have an unusually high number of people missing work in your office space because of illness, and you've noticed that clutter and untidy offices and areas are becoming a problem, it's time to invest your own efforts into cleaning the space. Bacteria and other problems like dust, mold and mildew could be lingering in the space and causing health problems. Here are ways you can quickly make a change and get the office on the right track.

Employee Dump Day

Get a dumpster dropped off at the property, along with any type of recycling receptacle that you think you also may need if you don't shred papers or have a large recycling unit already. This way you don't have to worry about getting rid of all the garage at one time, and the employees can really purge all of the junk and debris that they have accumulating around the office space. Call to get dumpster prices and enjoy knowing that everything will be gone at one time and hauled away.

Cleaning Thoroughly

You have to get rid of all the dust, debris and bacteria that is a problem in the office space. To do this you will want to have the staff wipe down all the drawers in the space, along with all of the surfaces with an antibacterial cleaning agent. All of the extra clothing and other items that they have piled around the space has to be removed and the offices have to be ready for inspection.

Professional Cleaning

Carpeting can hold many types of airborne viruses and illnesses, along with other unsanitary things. Have all of the carpeting in the building professional cleaned, along with any rugs and upholstery on furniture as well. You also want to have a cleaning service come in to do the walls and all common areas or surfaces that will be missed when your employees do their own space.

Not only do you want to get a dumpster and get rid of all the junk that is hanging out in the space, but you should also consider hanging up hand sanitizer containers so that people re utilizing the option to sanitize their hands throughout the work day. Talk with the local dumpster companies and cleaning companies to find out what you will have to pay out of pocket in order to get all of these different things done and to get the office clean. Visit a site like for more help.