What Are You Getting When You Hire a Junk Removal Service?

A junk removal service firm is a company that hauls off specific items in exchange for a fee. Different businesses, however, have different goals, and they may or may not carry off everything you require to be taken away. In order to get the most out hiring a junk removal team, you should ask about these three potential issues.

What Do They Haul Off?

Most companies are interested in items like furniture, electronics, lumber, tires, and appliances. There are ones that haul items off for free, but these companies tend to have very narrow interests, such as trying to find computers and electronics that they can recycle or restore. Any serious business in the industry will be happy to provide you with a list of what they're willing to haul off, and most have their lists on their websites.

Some eco-friendly organizations offer junk removal services. If you're especially interested in this type of service, take the time to ask about their methods and even possibly visit their facilities.

Almost no one in the U.S. can legally haul off hazardous materials without having a HazMat license. Absolutely do not include anything that might contain biological waste, fuels, radioactive materials, or other items that might be dangerous to humans, animals, or the environment. Many containers for potentially hazardous materials, such as acetylene tanks, often require a deposit and should be returned to a supplier rather than junked, anyhow.

Do They Offer Bins?

Having a bin or a dumpster in place can make a major difference in how quickly the process goes. If a company has an interest in particular items, such as appliances, they may ask you to keep those separate from other types of waste. Depending upon the licensing requirements in your area, they may only be able to haul off loads by truck, as dumpsters are often regulated as a form of garbage removal service.

Will They Perform Clean-Outs?

One of the big variables among junk removal service companies is how hands-on they intend to get with the process. If you're looking for one that will assist in getting items out of a building, look around for firms that list clean-out options. Some will gladly assist you for an additional fee, but others may draw the line at handling anything that hasn't been set aside in a specific spot on the property. All will load the junk onto their trucks.

If you're looking for junk removal services, check out local companies and keep these tips in mind.