Are You Planning A Thanksgiving Family Reunion At Your House?

Will your extended family members be spending their Thanksgiving holiday at your house? Perhaps your grown children will be staying at your house with their spouses and their children. Whatever the circumstances are that you are planning a Thanksgiving family reunion at your house, from setting this up to arranging for additional residential garbage removal services, here are some ideas that might help you to organize a memorable, fun, and clean Thanksgiving family reunion.

Let Guests Help: How many people will be staying at your house? When you think of it, the more people that participate, the less stress you should have. What that means is that people more than likely will understand that they'll need to pitch in to help, and they'll probably understand that you will need to simplify things. For example, consider making a chart with things that will need to be done for the Thanksgiving meal. The chart could include things like setting the table, putting out little name cards, helping to serve the food, pitching in to clear and clean after dinner, and even planning an evening activity. For example, somebody could be in charge of reading bedtime stories to little ones while somebody else is setting up a movie for the grownups to watch together. And don't forget to get volunteers to gather trash and place it in garbage receptacles so it will be ready for removal by your residential garbage service. You may need to buy an extra trash receptacle. 

Get Professionals To Help: Getting professionals to help in this case might not mean something like hiring a catering company, though that could be an excellent idea. Getting professionals to help means that you would arrange for extra residential garbage removal services on a day when the garbage is usually not collected. For example, perhaps your usual garbage removal occurs on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Now think of all of the extra garbage you'll have because you have many guests. From things like a turkey carcass to hundreds of paper plates and other paper products and maybe even dirty diapers, you might not want to wait several days for the extra garbage to be removed from your property. It is more than likely that you might have to pay an extra fee for the extra garbage removal, but it might be some of the best money you'll spend during the Thanksgiving holidays.